Christa D. Wittenberg

Attention to Detail

Christa assists businesses and individuals with prosecuting and defending a variety of civil litigation matters. As a former federal district court law clerk, Christa is intimately familiar with litigation and procedures in federal court. She has also litigated matters in state courts in Wisconsin and Illinois and resolved cases through mediation and arbitration. Christa especially enjoys tackling challenging issues in trial courts and appellate courts, such as disputes involving personal and subject-matter jurisdiction, contract formation and enforcement, and nuances of procedural and evidentiary rules.

Christa Assists Clients With

  • Complex contract disputes
  • Indemnification claims
  • Healthcare litigation
  • Trademark and copyright infringement claims
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Debt collection practices and consumer protection claims
  • Class action and whistleblower litigation
  • Inheritance disputes
  • Personal injury cases
  • Fraud and conspiracy claims
  • Federal and state lawsuits
  • Mediations and arbitrations