JB Koenings

JB leads O’Neil Cannon’s Business Law Practice Group and is a United States Air Force Veteran. He works with and advises clients on a wide range of business law matters, including form of entity selection and initial capitalization, raising funds through private equity offerings, securities compliance and broker/dealer matters, mergers and acquisitions, contract preparation and negotiation, and software, technology, and IP matters.

JB Assists Clients With

  • Mergers, acquisitions, and recapitalizations of businesses
  • Private equity and venture capital financing
  • Private offerings of debt and equity securities
  • Employee equity compensation plans
  • Securities laws issues
  • Complex contractual matters and disputes
  • Software, technology, and data privacy/security matters
  • Intellectual property, proprietary rights, and confidentiality agreements
  • Shareholder, partner, and member agreements and disputes
  • Corporate governance matters
  • General business matters