Paul Zimmer Wins Not Guilty Verdict in Trucking Weight Limit Case

Have your company’s truck drivers ever been nicked by local trucking regulations? On December 21, 2016, Paul Zimmer took a local city’s special weight limit citation to trial and won a not guilty verdict for a client, saving the client thousands of dollars that it otherwise would have chalked up to the “cost of doing business.”

The city had accused the client’s semi-truck driver of traveling down a city road in violation of a 10,000-pound weight limit imposed by the city. Weight limit signs are commonly placed by Wisconsin cities, towns, and villages in an effort to keep heavy trucking off of local roads. However, the signs are not always placed according to the state’s regulations, and it is easy for drivers to slip up and miss a sign, which ends up costing trucking companies thousands of dollars for a simple mistake.

In this case, Attorney Zimmer proved that the weight limit sign was not placed in accordance with Wisconsin law. While weight limit signs must be placed “in advance” of each section of road that is subject to a weight limit, the sign in this case was more than 200 feet past the intersection. As a result, the truck driver did not see the sign until he had already turned onto the road prohibiting his truck. At that point, there was no place for him to turn around, and he was pulled over for driving in violation of the road’s weight limit. The judge agreed to dismiss the citation, and the client didn’t have to pay the city anything.

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