“An Employer’s Guide to Managing Electronic Data in a Litigious World” Webinar – July 22, 2009

In today’s fast-paced world, e-mails and instant messaging are the most common way we communicate in the workplace. And unlike a spoken word, which might still be reverberating someplace in space and time but no longer can be replayed, the e-mail, if not already copied, is at least usually recorded, stored, and available for future discovery. Although we believe that our e-mail will soon be forgotten after we send it, our failure as employers to manage this electronic data can create risks of unanticipated magnitude if the subject matter of the e-mail becomes the subject matter of our next employee-initiated lawsuit.

With recent changes to the federal rules of civil procedure, it is no longer an option for employers to have a plan to manage its electronic data. Learn what you need to know as an employer in today’s litigious world about what steps you can take now to manage your electronic data and avoid the hidden liabilities that such data creates for every employer. Well drafted policies that are uniformly enforced and understood by your employees can reduce the fear of expensive litigation and provide your company a framework in which to effectively manage its electronic information.

This webinar is designed to provide practical information for HR management, in-house counsel, and IT professionals.

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