Attorney Joseph Gumina Recently Quoted in The Daily Reporter

Attorney Joseph Gumina was quoted in The Daily Reporter on February 17, 2022, in an article titled “In absence of federal mandate, many companies still encouraging vaccination for employees.” In the article, Gumina, who leads OCHDL’s labor and employment practice group, discusses what some employers are doing to encourage their employees to get vaccinated. For some construction companies in Wisconsin, the answer was a cash incentive. “The most common cash incentive that I have seen is $100,” said Gumina “Cash incentives are only one of the ways companies have tried to encourage vaccination. Some have brought COVID-19 vaccination clinics to their offices to make it easier for employees to get shots. Others have offered workers an additional day of vacation for getting vaccinated,” Gumina said. “I have seen one employer try to encourage its workforce to become vaccinated by informing them that they would not be permitted to return to the office from remote working unless they are fully vaccinated,” he added. Whichever course you take, remember OCHDL is here to protect your interests. We encourage you to reach out to our labor and employment law team with any questions, concerns, or legal issues related to workplace safety issues arising from or related to COVID-19.