Attorney Joseph Gumina Recently Quoted in the Milwaukee Business Journal

Attorney Joseph Gumina was recently quoted in the Milwaukee Business Journal published on January 14, 2022, in an article titled “Employers relieved that SCOTUS ruling nixes potential for costly employee COVID-19 tests: Attorneys.” The article outlines the Supreme Court’s recent ruling against OSHA’s vaccination-or-test rule that would have required large employers, starting February 9, to mandate employee vaccinations or require weekly COVID-19 testing of unvaccinated workers.

In the article, Gumina discusses what employers should expect and what he has experienced in his management-side employment practice. “The surge in Omicron variant cases might cause some employers to take temporary measures including shutdowns to keep their workforces healthy,” Gumina said. “They’ve had to adjust and change to address COVID-19 in the workplace on a moment’s notice,” noting the ongoing adjustments employers have made throughout the pandemic on how they operate. Being mindful that OSHA still retains several enforcement tools in its arsenal to address COVID-19 in the workplace,  Gumina stated: “I think employers should remain vigilant in making sure they create a safe work environment for all employees.”

For more information on the ruling, read our previous article detailing the decision.