Business Journal M&A Advertising Underway

Be The Wolf

O’Neil, Cannon, Hollman, DeJong S.C. offers an unexpected departure in a forest full of “me too” legal advertising. OCHD’s reputation for superior Mergers & Acquisitions counsel is well known within the legal and financial community, but less so amongst business owners throughout Wisconsin. With the assistance of the marketing firm JacksonSpencer, an unusually bold step was taken to attract attention within the business community via the most recent issue of the Milwaukee Business Journal.

Mike Farley, President of JacksonSpencer stated, “Over the years, OCHD attorneys have been involved in many very sophisticated deals that have taken place… why shouldn’t their marketing match their expertise? We wanted to move beyond a shot of lawyers in front of a library of law books. That type of marketing is supposed to mean you’re trustworthy… we believe OCHD is already on everyone’s A-list.”

Jim DeJong, the Firm’s president and member of its M&A practice group added, “What JacksonSpencer has given us is a very strong voice… and we’d like to think that business executives will consider us more carefully when complex business transactions are on the line.”

The image of a wolf’s menacing glare has tremendous stopping power and the headline, “What do you see?” forces the reader to choose between being predator or prey. Farley commented, “All too often, business owners feel that they’re on the wrong side of the deal. In the case of this ad… the ‘wrong side’ could be very dangerous, indeed.”
Body copy reads: “Our experience in negotiating the deal is matched by our reputation for improving the deal. If you’re unsure where you fall in the M&A food chain, you’d be wise to run with a stronger pack.”

O’Neil, Cannon, Hollman, DeJong S.C. was ranked as Milwaukee’s 12th largest law firm by The Book of Lists and has been known for their strong corporate and litigation work since its founding in 1973.