Commercial Transactions

The business lawyers at O’Neil, Cannon, Hollman, DeJong & Laing S.C. advise clients on issues that can be encountered in a wide range of commercial arrangements and transactions. We regularly assist clients ranging from large corporations to start-up entities in negotiating and preparing agreements relating to the manufacture, procurement, and /or distribution of goods. We represent clients at all points in the supply and distribution chain: including, manufacturers, suppliers, resellers, distributors, agents, financing entities, and end users.

The types of commercial agreements we often are involved in include:

  • Supply Agreements
  • Distribution and Reseller Agreements
  • Franchising and Licensing Agreements
  • Joint Venture Relationships
  • Strategic Alliances
  • Sales Commission and Referral Agreements
  • Contract Manufacturing Agreements
  • OEM and VAR Agreements

We have extensive experience in representing both borrowers and lenders in all types of commercial and leasing transactions. Whether you need to finance a business start-up or acquisition, establish a line of credit for working capital, or finance other business needs, we can assist with the negotiation and closing of commercial financing agreements. When representing lenders, we are often involved in the early stages of transactions, including the advance preparation of forms and documents, and the initial exploratory examination and due diligence – analyzing unique or new laws that may affect the structure of the deal. We also handle all types of mortgage transactions, from complex financing for income producing properties such as shopping centers, multi-family residential, industrial and office space, to conventional home mortgages.

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