Dickten Masch Plastics

Turning skeptics into believers.

“Relationships can be edgy… but great honest work has a way of curing that.”
-Joe Gumina

From its humble beginnings as a local tool shop in 1941, no one predicted the company founded by Erich Dickten and Al Masch would grow to become the national thermoplastic and thermoset plastics leader, Dickten Masch Plastics.  It was nearly 70 years later when the current visionaries of the company, CEO Steve Dyer and CFO Steven Braun, were introduced to O’Neil, Cannon, Hollman, DeJong & Laing.  Dyer and Braun met us with a healthy dose of skepticism, particularly since they had not had great experiences with law firms—any law firm.  Lawyers were seen as pricey, unresponsive, and superficial—nothing more than “a necessary evil.”  Against that backdrop, we began our relationship with Dickten Masch Plastics and once again, no one anticipated the success of the relationship that would follow.

In two short years, the bold vision of Dyer and his team was realized.  Together, we were able to achieve the implementation of an international acquisition plan that greatly expanded the reach of Dickten Masch’s capabilities and the markets they serve.  As our lawyers worked to provide the company with complex contractual counsel and guidance through human resource challenges, we found that our high integrity and Midwestern work ethic matched up nicely with their own storied history.

In today’s challenging global economy, Dickten Masch Plastics believes, “You need more than parts from your suppliers.  You need partners—people who can help you reduce costs, save time, lower risk and improve quality throughout your value stream.”

We believe that too.



Headquarters:  Nashotah, WI
Production Facilities:  Ankeny, IA & Monterrey, Mexico