Employment LawScene Alert: Increased OSHA Penalties Now In Place

Last November, we alerted you (here) that, in August 2016, OSHA penalties would be increasing significantly. Those new maximum penalties went into effect on August 1, 2016 and can be applied to any citation issued for a violation that occurred after November 2, 2015. The below chart summarizes the previous penalties and the new penalties, which were increased due to a catch-up provision and an additional  increase based on the Consumer Price Index:

Type of Violation Former Maximum Penalty Maximum Penalty as of 8/1/2016
Willful Violation $70,000 $124,709
Serious Violation $7,000 $12,471
Other-The-Serious Violation $7,000 $12,471
De Minimis Violation $7,000 $12,471
Failure to Abate Violation $7,000 $12,471
Repeat Violation $70,000 $124,709

OSHA penalties will now be increased annually on January 15 based on the Consumer Price Index. Employers must keep a keen eye on safety now more than ever because OSHA’s increased enforcement is now coupled with an increase in monetary penalties.

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