Milwaukee Justice Center Volunteers Recognized on the State Bar of Wisconsin Pro Bono Honor Roll

The Milwaukee Justice Center, organized by Milwaukee County, the Milwaukee Bar Association and the Marquette University School of Law, provides civil legal assistance to people who cannot afford an attorney. In 2012, the volunteers of the Center provided nearly 9,000 hours of pro bonoservice to 10,659 unrepresented litigants.

Fifteen attorneys from the law firm of O’Neil, Cannon, Hollman, DeJong & Laing contributed the success of the Milwaukee Justice Center in 2012 to include:

  • Doug Dehler
  • Megan Eisch
  • Miles Goodwin
  • Grant Killoran
  • Justinian Koenings
  • Claude Krawczyk
  • Gregory Lyons
  • Sarah Matt
  •  Joseph Newbold
  • Laura Now
  • Jason Scoby
  • Steven Slawinski
  • Steven Strye
  •  Timothy Van de Kamp
  •  Peter Walsh