Tax & Wealth Advisor Alert: The Seven Deadly Sins of Estate Planning

The statistics are surprising. Only 3 in 10 American adults have a Will, and a much lower percentage have the right estate plan for their situation. Many reasons have been offered for this phenomenon, including fear of death and fear of attorneys. But when we consider what a good estate plan really is–a strategy to take care of the people you care about by making sure two things happen: 1) the right property gets to the right people at the right time; and 2) the right people are making your decisions when you cannot–an estate plan becomes just part of what intelligent, thoughtful, selfless people do for their loved ones.

Over the next several weeks, this blog will highlight the mistakes people make in estate planning. Some of those mistakes are due to inaction, some are due to misstep. Hopefully, as you read these sins, you will find that you have committed none of them. But if you have, this is an opportunity to build your strategy and take control of what happens to the people you love rather than leaving their future to chance.