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In December of 2018, Wisconsin enacted tax legislation—Wisconsin Act 368—that specifically impacted LLCs, S-Corps, and partnerships (“pass-through entities”). The Act allows pass-through entities to make an annual election to be taxed at the entity-level, rather than at the individual level. This election may provide significant tax savings to Wisconsin businesses and their owners, but this […]

On May 23, 2019, the House overwhelmingly voted (417-3) to approve the SECURE (Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement) Act and sent it to the Senate for their approval. The bipartisan bill is grabbing headlines for its modification to many retirement issues. Among those modifications is a requirement that could be costly for non-spouse […]

In our last article we discussed why a well-constructed succession plan is necessary. In this article, we review the five essential objectives the plan needs to address. The five objectives are: 1. Maximize the value of the business; 2. Minimize taxes; 3. Provide for the continuity and survival of the business; 4. Treat your children […]

(This is second of our 11-part series of articles based on our book The Art, Science and Law of Business Succession Planning. Complimentary copies are available to the clients and friends of the firm.) “Why do I need succession planning?” “Can’t I just hand my business over to my children?” “Why can’t I just leave […]

When we think of children blowing through trust funds, we often envision the rich and famous. The reality, though, is that everyday folks waste vast inheritances, too. Take, for example, Mary McClelland who, throughout her 20s, squandered her tri-annual $5,000 and $10,000 payments from her grandfather’s investments on traveling and shopping and ran out of […]

Beginning October 1, 2018, Wisconsin will enforce sales tax collection from out-of-state sellers who sell taxable products and services in Wisconsin even if they have no physical presence in Wisconsin. Previously, Wisconsin could not enforce collection for sellers who sold taxable products and services in Wisconsin but who did not have a physical presence, i.e. […]

Thanks to Wisconsin Senate Bill (SB) 227, contractors working with tax-exempt clients will benefit from a sales tax exemption. Generally, contractors are deemed the final consumers of materials that they incorporate into real property and must pay sales tax on the purchase of those materials. Consequently, exempt clients must purchase those materials directly, or contractors […]

Let’s say you have been named trustee of a loved one’s trust. Now, you’ve just found out how much time and work it will take to fulfill your trustee responsibilities and duties. How much should you be paid to be trustee? Because every situation is unique, there are no hard and fast rules in Wisconsin […]

If you’ve been following our posts, this is the third installment in our series on the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, the tax-legislation overhaul passed by Congress and the President at the end of 2017. Previously, we highlighted the most important changes affecting individuals and non-profits. This week, we’re discussing big changes affecting businesses claiming […]

If you’ve been following our posts, this is the second installment in our series on the tax plan. Previously, we highlighted the most important changes affecting individuals. (Read full article here) This week, we’re discussing the most important changes affecting non-profits. Spoiler alert: the tax plan may cause non-profits to see less revenue and owe more […]