If you are upset or disagree with the provisions of a will, you may be wondering if you should challenge it. In this article, we discuss a few grounds for challenging a will and what may happen if your challenge is successful. A will may be challenged for several reasons. However, being upset or disagreeing […]

Many businesses are experiencing interruptions in their operations due to the coronavirus outbreak. These interruptions can be caused by business closures, quarantines, and restrictions on travel and large gatherings. In response to these interruptions, businesses may find themselves unable to perform their contractual obligations or have a vendor or customer that is no longer fulfilling […]

In Wisconsin, anyone who agrees to become a trustee is agreeing to become a “fiduciary.” A fiduciary is a person or corporation that has legal obligations to a trust’s “beneficiaries,” those who will benefit from a trust. In our state, a trustee owes the utmost duty of loyalty to the trust beneficiaries. A trustee’s duty of […]

The United States Census Bureau projects that by 2050, the 65 and older population will nearly double that of 2012. Along with this increasing older population comes an increase in the potential for estate litigation based on mental capacity issues. These types of claims often arise where the testator suffers from a mental or physical […]

Arbitration is a procedure used in the resolution of legal disputes outside of the traditional court system.  In arbitration, the parties agree to submit their disputes to one or more persons, known as “arbitrators” or an “arbitration panel.”  An arbitrator is someone, usually a former judge or a lawyer with significant experience in an area […]