Be Mindful of Deadlines During COVID-19 Outbreak

Some court hearings and deadlines have been pushed back in response to the COVID-19 outbreak—but court functions have not stopped, and even in these challenging times, businesses and individuals should be mindful of deadlines.

One of the most important deadlines for an individual or business who has been wrongfully harmed is the deadline to file a lawsuit or initiate an arbitration proceeding. If this deadline is missed, it could result in dismissal of the claims.

In Wisconsin, jury trials have been rescheduled and deadlines to file appellate briefs have been extended. Many state circuit courts and federal district courts have also issued orders regarding deadlines in those specific courts. However, Wisconsin courts have not extended all deadlines, and neither the courts nor the legislature has addressed the filing deadlines found in contracts and statutes of limitations.

Whether in a few weeks or a few months, the public health emergency will end. In the meantime, it is important to be proactive about deadlines to avoid the risk of having a potential claim barred.

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