People forming a new business and selecting between the different entity types may be unaware of the impact the formation choice can have on future lawsuits. In particular, the citizenship of the business can be critical to determining whether a case belongs in state court or federal court when a dispute involves over $75,000. With […]

‘Can I really be sued there?’ If you have ever asked that question, you’re not alone—many defendants sued outside of their home state wonder the same thing. For example, if a small family-owned Wisconsin business is sued in a Nevada court, its owners may rightly question whether that is proper. The answer likely depends on […]

Health care providers should be aware of new regulations the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and other agencies issued in July that relate to medical billing practices. Part I of the long-awaited regulations to implement the federal No Surprises Act was published on July 13, 2021. The regulations are applicable for plan […]

These days, litigators are routinely taking depositions and participating in hearings over Zoom or other videoconferencing apps and software. Frequently, these depositions and hearings are set up using videoconferencing systems chosen, hosted, and controlled by a court, an arbitrator, or a court reporter. There has been significant discussion and administrative guidance about the use of […]

Welcome to the first edition of the O’Neil, Cannon, Hollman, DeJong & Laing Health Care Law Advisor. We have created this blog as an informational and educational resource for our clients and contacts. The health care industry changes often and quickly, and we seek to help keep you apprised of important legal developments in the […]

Some court hearings and deadlines have been pushed back in response to the COVID-19 outbreak—but court functions have not stopped, and even in these challenging times, businesses and individuals should be mindful of deadlines. One of the most important deadlines for an individual or business who has been wrongfully harmed is the deadline to file […]

Debt collectors recently received clarification on the contents of the collection letters they send on behalf of creditors: The “safe harbor” language set forth by the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals to avoid liability under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act is not meant to be copied and pasted into collection letters in every situation. […]

Springtime can be a good excuse to “clean house.” If you are evaluating your document retention practices this season, consider these points as you determine what to keep and what to toss: If you are involved in litigation or reasonably anticipate litigation, you are required to keep all documents related to the case by implementing […]

Most people would probably assume that simply maintaining a website would not expose the creator to being sued wherever the website can be viewed. Courts in this country have generally agreed, and have ruled that the mere act of operating a website that can be read within a certain state does not, by itself, give […]