Wisconsin’s Mass Gathering Ban Does Not Apply to Construction Sites

On Friday, March 20, 2020, the Evers administration issued Emergency Order #8 Updated Mass Gathering Ban. This Order updated and clarified Emergency Order #5, which had been issued three days earlier. Emergency Order #5 imposed “a statewide moratorium on mass gatherings of 10 people or more to mitigate the spread of Covid-19.” Under Emergency Order #5, there were numerous exemptions to the “moratorium on mass gatherings,” but it was unclear whether or not the mass gathering ban applied to construction work, particularly if being performed outdoors. Emergency Order #5 did not specifically address construction sites. Among other things, Emergency Order #8 clarifies and elaborates on the various exemptions to the statewide ban on mass gatherings. Emergency Order #8 adds a specific exemption for “construction sites and projects, including public works and remodeling projects.” It clarifies that the mass gathering ban does not apply to on site construction work. The construction exemption would appear to apply not only to work done outdoors or in open air conditions, but also to construction work performed indoors. Emergency Order #8 therefore makes clear that the statewide mass gathering ban does not require construction work to be shut down.

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