This is the first of a series of three articles on undue influence in Wisconsin. Unscrupulous people sometimes use undue influence to change wills and obtain gifts from the elderly, sick, or weak. Increasingly, the public has come to realize this is a form of elder abuse. Undue influence cases involve predominantly factual determinations and […]

Most people would probably assume that simply maintaining a website would not expose the creator to being sued wherever the website can be viewed. Courts in this country have generally agreed, and have ruled that the mere act of operating a website that can be read within a certain state does not, by itself, give […]

On January 20, a Wisconsin federal judge ruled in favor of a private telecommunications auditor, Todd Heath, who filed a lawsuit claiming that Wisconsin Bell defrauded the federal E-Rate program by overcharging schools and libraries. The lawsuit was brought under the False Claims Act (FCA), a federal law encouraging whistleblowers to come forward when they […]

As we discussed in a recent article, class action lawyers have been sending demand letters and filing lawsuits claiming that websites belonging to businesses and organizations are “places of public accommodation” and are in violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) because they are not accessible to people with visual and hearing impairments. On […]

A new Wisconsin law allows contractors to purchase materials tax-free for construction projects undertaken by certain tax-exempt government and non-profit entities. Under former law, such entities generally had to purchase the construction materials directly themselves in order to receive the Wisconsin sales and use tax exemption. Now, construction contractors may make tax-exempt purchases of construction […]

Recently, class action lawyers around the country have filed lawsuits against businesses and organizations (even the National Basketball Association) alleging that their websites are not compliant with the ADA. Attorneys on behalf of vision or hearing impaired individuals are alleging that websites available for use by the public must conform to certain standards of accessibility. […]

While litigators most likely are familiar with the various state and federal local court rules impacting courtroom practice in their geographic areas, they may not be as familiar with the local rules for courts in other areas in which they do not usually practice but have a case. Wisconsin’s state courts have various different sets […]

Obtaining discovery in Wisconsin for cases pending outside the State will soon become a lot easier. Until the end of 2015, a party in out-of-state litigation will still need to obtain the appropriate commissions from the court handling the underlying litigation and then file those commissions along with the necessary petition materials in a Wisconsin […]

From time to time in drafting an agreement, one of the parties may wish to limit contractually any remedies or liability that the other party might seek at a later point in time. For example, a software developer might seek to limit any possible liability associated with the development of the software or with respect […]

An investors group that includes the owner of three area golf courses has purchased the former Lac La Bell Country Club near Oconomowoc for $1.3 million. The golf course was sold to the group by receiver Seth Dizard on behalf of First Bank Financial Centre, which took it back from the previous owner in a […]